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The Times Mini Atlas of the World - 7th edition 2017

The Times Mini Atlas of the World - 7th edition 2017The Times Mini Atlas of the World - 7th edition 2017

De kleinste uitvoering van de beste atlas ter wereld!

Mini wereldatlas. Met alle landen en nationale vlaggen. Zowel op staatkundig, geografisch als fysisch vlak een zeer interessante uitgave.

Verlaagde prijs.

A pocket-sized Times Atlas of the World packed with the essentials. Fully revised and improved to take account of all recent changes from around the world. Complete map coverage of the world is provided with the accuracy and authority for which Times atlases are renowned. This edition of The Times Mini Atlas of the World has been revised to bring all the maps and geographical information completely up to date. As with all the atlases in the Times range it offers great authority, outstanding quality and attention to detail. 

The 117 pages of reference maps have been completely updated to provide accurate, accessible and attractive coverage of the whole world.

The introductory section covers major world geographical themes -- from climate and environment to population and urbanization -- giving a global snapshot of our contemporary world.

A comprehensive guide to the world's states and territories including flags, capital cities. and key facts.

Geographical reference section with flags, statistics and facts for the world's states and territories.

Statistics and world maps on major geographical themes, including population, cities, climate and the environment.

Reduced price.

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